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Primary Goals: Reduce taxes, improve investments and create a reliable income stream in retirement.
Age: 63 & 60

John and Sue don’t see retirement on the horizon. Not because they can’t retire, but because they’re not sure when or if they want to stop working.

Sue is a tenured professor and John is a respected physician. They are both very busy and enjoy their careers, which adds meaning to their lives and positively impacts those around them.

They have risen to the top of their respective fields and aren’t ready to give up their careers just because they are approaching traditional retirement age. They have been diligent savers, maxed out their retirement savings and other investments, and accumulated equity within various personal and rental properties.

They are concerned that they are missing something and that their current plan will need to be adjusted for when they decide to transition to the next stage of life. They want an expert to help them evaluate the strategic decisions around their planning and help navigate taxes through retirement.

John and Sue want the option to retire, on their terms when they are ready.


How we helped – A comprehensive Living Plan focused on addressing their needs

✓ Saved them time in their busy lives to make informed decisions on their financial lives.
✓ Improved asset allocation to better align with their goals.
✓ Created a reliable and coordinated income stream from investments.
✓ Implemented a tax-efficient investment strategy to reduce risk and improve returns within retirement.
✓ Maximized tax shelter and tax free investment vehicles to reduce ongoing taxes.
✓ Coordinated various income streams with timing of Canadian Pension Plan and Old Aged Security.

Ultimately, we helped John and Sue create a comprehensive Living Plan, get organized, gain clarity on their financial life and take valuable actions towards improving their retirement success. John and Sue now enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have a clear plan forward when they decide to retire.