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Our Mission

To make the world a better place through values-based financial planning, responsible investing, and charitable giving.


  • Hal, Devon, and Scott are licensed stockbrokers and personal insurance agents. You can learn more about us on our team page.

  • We work with individuals and families of significant financial means[1] who appreciate the value of expert advice. Our multi-generational team allows us to serve clients of all ages.

  • We are proud that our client base includes people of all shapes and sizes, gender identities, sexual orientations, and races, along with a few unconventional relationship structures.


  • We help our clients optimize their finances to serve their life goals; money is not its own goal, rather money is a tool to support your life goals.

  • We promote Responsible Investing so that our portfolios match our personal values.

  • We help clients create lasting legacies through the creation of private charitable foundation accounts.


  • We are licenced in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

  • We work in both in person (generally in the Edmonton area) and through virtual meetings.


  • Now! The sooner we create your financial planning road map, the sooner we can tackle any challenges and maximize any opportunities. We know many people who wish they started sooner, and nobody who wishes they started later.

  • We work by appointment only, including some weekends and evenings.

  • Canadians who work with a financial planner have more confidence in their financial future and are less likely to have faced health issues due to financial stress.[2]

  • It is our honour to work with Canadians across the country and help them achieve financial freedom. We think it's the best job ever!


  • We gather extensive information on your current situation, any challenges[3] you are facing and your aspirational goals for your future financial well-being.

  • We use our industry-leading Living Plan Portal software to deliver an interactive financial planning experience, augmented with artificial intelligence, to instantly evaluate a variety of scenarios in order to improve your financial outcomes.




  • Over the age of 50 with $500,000 or more in investment assets

  • Over the age of 30 with $250,000 or more in investment assets

  • 30 or younger with over $100,000 in investment assets 

  • (With some exceptions for the children of our high net worth clients.)



Examples: death in the family, employment changes, marriage or divorce, children, growing small business, business and personal succession planning, ageing parents, paying too much tax.​

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