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The value of planning

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Despite this line's unknown origins, it is familiar enough to border on cliché. It has also inspired equally famous counterpoints, including the ever-popular Murphy's Law. Faced with conflicting sources of advice and increasing financial uncertainty, it is unsurprising that many people don't know what to do and therefore do nothing. This cannot, however, be the way forward. Consider:

Should I die tomorrow, I do not want to leave my family financially bereft. Ditto for disability. I do not want my children or grandchildren to still have student loans into their fifties. I don't want to run out of money in retirement and die destitute and dependant on my children and/or the state. I do not want to wipe out all I have and become a burden on my family if I need long-term care. Finally, should I manage to leave a legacy to those I love, I would prefer that half of it not be taxed away.

We hear versions of this during the first step in our process, and it is these sentiments that form the foundation of the financial plans we build. When trade-offs need to be made, it is the plan that brings clarity to the choices to be made. Most people we meet already own a few financial products, perhaps even a portfolio of such products. As we work through our planning process, we believe you'll come to agree that a portfolio is not a plan.

By following a planning process, we can respond to changes in your goals and circumstances. This is what the IG living plan is built for. As James Clear explains, we don't just want to plan your progress, we want to make progress.

The IG living plan

Managing cash flow

We assess your cash and credit requirements and aid in optimizing your taxes to help you thrive during major life events while working toward your goals.

Preparing for the unexpected

Create comprehensive strategies that provide, preserve, and protect your loved ones and those you care for when the unexpected happens.

Planning for major expenditures

Ensure you have flexibility with a balanced plan that allows you to take advantage of opportunities and helps make your financial vision a reality.

Optimizing your retirement

Gain greater clarity and let us help you manage the risks of retirement, preserve your capital, and create income to help support your future lifestyle and goals.

Sharing your wealth

Establish a well-constructed estate plan, tailored to your needs, that allows your legacy to endure by supporting the causes important to you.

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