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Looking to follow us for a while before you agree to a meeting? This is the place to start. Then see our FAQ page.

Social media

We share content on our Facebook page that covers a number of topics: dogs, taxes, raising kids, estate planning, favourite recipes, and anything else we think is worth two minutes of your attention. The same content is also shared on Hal's LinkedIn page.


We send a newsletter periodically with topics similar to what is listed above, and the occasional note from a team member. We maintain the list by hand and treat the contact and personal information of our subscribers in the same way we treat client information. Should you wish to subscribe, please contact Scott.

Financial planning

Our professional body maintains a site for the general public, as does the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. The FCAC site can be somewhat daunting the first few times you visit. The financial toolkit is organized into accessible modules, including one on financial planning.

Our freedom number page can provide a basic assessment of your current plan, and you can do a more detailed review on our snapshot page. We also discuss financial planning on our FAQ page.

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